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For most businesses, data is vital to your operation. In fact, studies suggest that up to 70% of businesses today would fail following a massive data loss.

While solutions of the past focused on protection against hardware failure, increasingly now you need to guard against external technology attacks, human error and data corruption.

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It’s a daunting prospect. That’s where S5’s 30 years of expertise can make it easy for you. We have the solutions to protect you and your business whatever your operation, whatever your size.

S5 Protect-SP

Built on the industry leading ShadowProtect software from Storage Craft, Protect-SP offers double the protection to get you back up and running quickly, without drama.

Protect-SP copies a full image of data from protected devices onto local storage at your site and additionally uploads a read-only copy to the S5 Cloud. The local storage facility ensures data back-ups and restores happen quickly irrespective of internet connection speed. And back-ups securely copied to the S5 Cloud protect you from site wide issues - like fire and interference - and enable you to recover everything from individual files to the entire system.

S5 Protect-VCC

Veeam is the world-wide, leading edge creator of virtualised back-up systems. Protect-VCC utilises Veeam’s Cloud Connect product to provide a secure back-up for clients already using VMware or HyperV virtualisation clusters. Using Veeam’s Cloud Connect Protect-VCC you can create a back-up repository inside the S5 Cloud. And the choice is yours whether to manage Veeam yourself or to outsource to our expert engineers.

Protect-VCC also allows you to replicate VMs inside of the S5 Cloud so that you can recover your entire virtual platform, without any external assistance.

S5 Protect-Bespoke

Demanding and complex business systems may call for greater flexibility than ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions. With extensive experience spanning medical, government, legal, financial and education sectors, S5 has the expertise to develop custom data protection and disaster recovery solutions that will deliver the outcomes you require.

Whether your business demands 100% uptime, or cross region backup, we can craft a solution to suit. Talk with us today.

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