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Trust is the vital ingredient for any business considering colocation of its ICT infrastructure.

It’s something we take seriously at S5, and with over 30 years of experience in IT, we believe we’re uniquely placed to understand New Zealand business requirements. That we genuinely do understand, is evidenced by the hundreds of companies – large and small, local and international, across all sectors – that choose S5 to protect and house their critical ICT infrastructure.

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S5 Colocation facilities

Our main facility in Palmerston North is a geographically stable location, making it an ideally secure site to house primary or disaster recovery equipment that are central to your business operations.

Power is sourced through an onsite transformer directly connected to the upstream 11Kv ring circuit. This offers the peace of mind of multipath redundancy, backed by a dedicated generator. A and B power is routed to each rack via independent modular UPS - up to 10kw per rack in standard configurations. Optimum temperature is maintained in our facility via spit ducted aircon provided on an N+1 basis in a cold isle containment configuration.

We offer flexible rack space leasing options: from a per-U-basis up to full suites of racks – however much or little you require.

We can also offer limited space available at our partner facilities in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Contact details

For any enquiry or question you can call us at +64 6 358-8999 or email us at info@S5.co.nz. Thanks for your browsing time.

Address: S5, Grey Street | Palmerston North 4410 New Zealand

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