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At S5 we’ve provided private cloud solutions to organisations for well over 10 years.

In 2010, we utilised our virtualisation experience to develop a public cloud designed specifically for New Zealand organisations. We offer three configurations of the S5 Cloud – Cirrus – each designed to suit different business needs.

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Cirrus-Gold is a shared platform that is ideal for smaller businesses or organisations needing a small number of servers or consistently developing new platforms for clients. Cirrus-Gold is great for web and software companies.

This product allows you to create, modify and destroy machines on an ad-hoc basis, as you need. We bill you as and when resources are used.


Cirrus-Platinum delivers dedicated, rather than shared, resources over which you have total control, including commitment and oversubscription rates.

This product offering satisfies Microsoft and other software providers’ licencing agreements that require dedicated hardware.

Once in place, you can create, modify and destroy machines as you need. We can also extend this service between datacentres to create a multi-city private cloud designed to fit your business exactly.


Cirrus-Hybrid builds on our Cirrus-Platinum offering and takes advantage of VMware’s industry leading vCloud Director suite of products.

Using Cirrus-Hybrid you can extend your private VMware infrastructure to S5’s cloud infrastructure as needed for disaster recovery, extra resources, or as part of a migration to the cloud.

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