Purpose built and
future focused.

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The S5 is the innovation of Advantage, one of
New Zealand’s longest running IT providers.

Our S5 Data Centre offers you the unprecedented capability to protect your business critical information and systems to ensure you stay up and running – today
and in future.

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S5 is a new generation IT facility where businesses can house their IT hardware, access expert Disaster Recovery services and exploit the unlimited scalability of IT infrastructure via the Cloud. A 100% dedicated operation, S5 offers peace-of-mind solutions for holding your most important information and hardware. S5 incorporates over 30 years’ experience in serving business IT needs spanning the medical, education, finance, construction and government sectors.

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Added to this depth of in-house local expertise, our strategic partnership with Dell ensures we capture the best of leading edge technology to offer customised solutions for your business. This partnership is the backbone of the S5 offering, capitalising on our understanding of the needs of New Zealand business and Dell’s global expertise, thinking and reach.

The S5 Advantage

It’s our core values that give us the competitive edge. It’s why we named our business after them – S5 – Service, Storage, Security, Stability and Sustainability. Five key values. Five reasons to choose S5. Here’s why:

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Our regularly audited security mechanisms range from full biometric access controls on physical sites to industry best practice on platforms.

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We’ve built a team of experts to ensure we meet all your needs – engineers, architects, project managers and administrative support.

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We provide 24/7 secure access to your colocated infrastructure or Cloud-based service platforms. On demand storage options are available.

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Our central North Island location minimises the natural disaster risk and means we can offer a target uptime of 99.999%.

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We offer Green IT, achieving increased efficiency through innovative power and cooling systems that are solar power supplemented.

A Future Focused Team

Our team of highly skilled professionals are focused on understanding your business so that we can deliver solutions that both meet your needs today, as well as position you for the needs of tomorrow. It’s about knowledge, it’s about vision, it’s about focus. And that’s what our people bring.

Andrew Ramson

Andrew Ramson

Brad Pearpoint

Brad Pearpoint

Ella Shailer

Ella Shailer

Winton Mexted

Winton Mexted

Contact details

For any enquiry or question you can call us at +64 6 358-8999 or email us at info@S5.co.nz. Thanks for your browsing time.

Address: S5, Grey Street | Palmerston North 4410 New Zealand

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